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6 Best Guitar Tuner Apps for iPhone

Best Guitar Tuner Apps iPhone

With the lineup of 6 best guitar tuner apps for iPhone strumming out, musicians all over the globe can hope to get their calloused fingers on some pretty interesting offerings. The following software options will be able to aid them in perfectly tuning their fretted instruments for belting out fantastic and clear sounding songs, either onstage or at home.

1 – TuneORama:


The first software to grace our list of best guitar Tuner apps for iPhone is TuneORama by Yonac. It claims to offer two tuners wrapped up neatly in one place. The integrated pair includes an automatic tuner and chromatic tuner, which can be acquired with just a simple touch of a button. In the latter’s case, a detection range of more than 1200Hz is provided and this can be employed with just about any instrument.

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There is also a 4-phase pitch detection algorithm specially fashioned by the company for making the app user-friendly and sensitive, just the way serious musicians like it. iPhone owners can take complete advantage of other features as well, such as presets for 20 different tunings for guitar and bass as well as one-touch +/- transposition for flat tunings, in automatic mode.

Price: $2.99

2 – Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Application:

Gibson Guitar Application

The well-known Gibson brand will certainly ring a bell with ardent guitar fans as it is acclaimed for unleashing classic models drenched in various major styles. The company now rolls out a professional quality chromatic tuner which has the ability to tune guitars as well as other musical instruments, through the handset’s microphone. There are even quick alternate tuning settings such as open G, drop D, low C and Eb among others for talented artists who are constantly on the go.

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The standard mode tuner is apt for tweaking each string to a sample tone. Besides satisfying the tuning requirements of Apple handlers, the guitar tuner apps for iPhone also caters to their other aspects by offering an accurate metronome, chord library, free video lessons and quick access to the company’s mobile website for news on the latest happenings across the music industry.

Price: Free

3 – PitchBot – Smart Chromatic Tuner:


Just like TuneORama, PitchBot – Smart Chromatic Tuner is also developed by Yonac. The company reveals that with this app sitting quietly in you handset, you can tune your fretted instrument with ease by just playing out a note and letting the software decipher it. With the 2.0 version, you can expect a completely upgraded tuning engine. Crafted to comply with various musically-inclined objects like guitars, woodwinds and strings among others, the app boasts of custom-made algorithms for accurately capturing, measuring and interpreting audio data. The company further claims that even in the most crowded and noisiest of places, the app would put forth precise information. Other attributes read as dual tuning readouts, transposition, adjustable reference pitch and integrated RMS amplitude measurement.

Price: $1.99

4 – Guitar Toolkit:

Guitar Toolkit

Another great inclusion into our best guitar tuner apps for iPhone lineup is the Guitar Toolkit by Agile Partners. Musicians are endowed with essential guitar utilities that cover a formidable accurate tuner along with a vast sea of more than 500,000 chords. Standard and alternate tunings can be acquired for various instruments ranging from 6 and 12 -string guitars to 4, 5 and 6 –string bass, mandolin, ukulele and banjo, individually.

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Via the iPhone microphone, iPhone owners can utilize the highly accurate chromatic tuner. There are even chords for different tuning preferences, depending on the guitar-wielding musicians. They can further dig into the interactive fretboard in order to flick each note for obtaining its specific sounds, thanks to the scales references feature in standard and alternate tunings.

Price: $10.49

5 – iStroboSoft:


Fashioned by Peterson Tuners, iStroboSoft hits the melodic scene bringing along with it the accuracy of a mechanical strobe tuner created for the highest degree of precision. The company touts to offer 1/10 cent accuracy when it comes to plugging in and tuning, not only electronic but acoustic instruments as well. The Note/Octave window clearly portrays the right note and octave during the tuning session. The note range is accurately gauged in cent values via the Cents display, which indicates just how off the strummed out tune is. If the melody is still very far from the desired result, players can adjust it by taking advantage of the glowing flat/sharp indicators. The noise filter option comes in handy while attaching an external mic or clip-on tuning apparatus to minimize the noise emitting from the chaotic background.

Price: $9.99

6 – Cleartune – Chromatic Tuner:


Concluding our list of best guitar tuner apps for iPhone is Cleartune – Chromatic Tuner from the likes of bitcount. Noted to be a chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe, the app allows owners to seamlessly tune their stringed or non-stringed articles through the integrated smartphone mic. The software brings forth a unique ‘note wheel’ interface for finding your pitch, as well as a highly-responsive, fine-tuning meter to attain that perfect tune which would definitely get the crowd cheering for you. Although it extends powerful support for custom temperaments, notations and transposition, the app is also apt for aiding novices and amateur players with its simplicity. It further lends support to a plethora of instruments that include guitar, bowed strings, bass, brass, woodwinds, tablas, tympani and piano among others present in the extensive list. The various attributes associated with Cleartune are user-defined temperament and notations, adjustable A4 calibration in 0.1Hz increments, easy-to-select tone waveform, needle damping option and ultra responsive 25 cent range fine tuning display.

Price: $3.99

So take out your plectrum, strap in your trusty acoustic or electric guitar, clear that throat and get ready to make the crowd go wild by showcasing your talents. On opting for any of the delectable options present in our the 6 best guitar tuner apps for iPhone array, you can rest assured you’ll acquire that perfect sounding tune in a jiffy, even before hitting the stage. Do get back to us stating the ones you found to be ‘tuneilicious’ enough to take up space in your iPhone.