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Complete Guide To Set Parental Controls With The Xfinity Stream App

xfinity stream app Now that your children are spending more time in front of the screens, it’s important to know how to set up Parental Controls on your Xfinity Stream app. It’s easy to do and ensures your child is watching age-appropriate content. This guide will show you how to set up Parental Controls in your iPhone’s settings. The procedures in this guide are the same for iPhone or Android users; however, the steps or screens may vary slightly.

Note: If you are an Xfinity TV or Xfinity Instant TV customer, the Stream app is available to you. The functionality and design may vary depending on your service plan.

Does Xfinity Stream App Have Children Inappropriate Content?

A popular streaming service used by many people, including children. It allows users to stream TV shows and movies from their cable provider on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. There are no age restrictions for the service; however, the content may not be appropriate for children under 13 years old.

Yes, the Xfinity Stream app has a lot of inappropriate content; that is why it is important to control what your children watch. Your kids should be able to watch the appropriate content without any worries.

Follow the steps below to enable Parental Controls for the Xfinity Stream app.

Do you want to enable parental control settings on more than one device?

Parental control is a feature that allows parents to control what content their children can view. It’s not shared between devices, so you’ll need to complete this process on each device separately where you want to apply Parental Controls. Also, you can take different actions on individual devices, such as adjusting the restrictions under parental controls.

  • On any screen, you can swipe to the left or right from your current spot to open the main menu
  • Tap on the Setting icon located at the bottom of the menu.
  • In the Settings menu, click on “Parental Controls.”
  • From the “Parental Controls”page, tap the switch given in front of Parental Controls.
  • Switching it on will prompt a PIN pop-up box.
  • To set a Parental Control PIN, please enter four digits code.
  • PINs are meant to be kept in a safe place, so write them down and keep them secure.
  • Please enter your new PIN again in the Verify PIN pop-up box for security purposes.


Once you create your Parental Control PIN, the next time you switch it up, you’ll only need to enter your current PIN once.

It can be frustrating creating a new online account for every device with different parental controls that you want your kids to use. With Xfinity Stream, you can easily enable Parental Controls and enter the appropriate PIN. Now that you have your PIN and enabled Parental Control, restrict what your kids watch in the app with other settings found in the Xfinity Stream app.

7 Reasons To Use Parental Controls

There are many reasons you should use parental controls on your children’s devices. It is important to keep your children safe from inappropriate content and prevent them from spending too much time on the internet. Some of the benefits of Parental Controls include:

Monitor your kids’ devices

Parental controls are a must for any parent who monitors their kids’ devices. There are many ways to set up parental controls so that your children cannot access certain content without your permission.

Manage what your kids find

These parental controls are designed to protect your children from inappropriate content on the app. And they are very easy to use. All you have to do is toggle the switch in the settings menu, and you’re done!

In addition, parental controls can be used to manage what your kids find on their own devices. You can set up a filter for specific apps or block certain websites or categories altogether.

Can block certain features that your kids can access

Parental controls in the Xfinity app can be set up to allow or block certain features. The parent can also block certain apps from accessing the internet.

The parental controls are helpful for parents who want to keep their kids safe and away from inappropriate content on their mobile devices. There are many features of the Xfinity app that a child can access without parental consent, so parents need to be aware of what those features are and how they work.

Good cyber safety habits

Cyber safety is a combination of good habits and technology. Parental controls effectively limit the time children spend online and provide them with a safe environment. There are many parental controls available for smartphones and tablets. These include location tracking, app restrictions, and device use.

Parental controls provide an easy way to manage your child’s time online, set daily limits on hours spent on the internet, and provide a safe environment for children by controlling what they see. Some of these parental controls include:

– Filtering websites that have been flagged as unsafe or inappropriate by other parents

– Blocking apps that are not age-appropriate

– Blocking social media apps that have been deemed unsafe for kids, such as Facebook or Instagram

– Restricting access to certain websites or specific apps during certain times of day

Parental controls can set screen time limits.

Parental controls can set screen time limits by limiting the amount of time a child can spend on their device. It is important to set clear rules for your children to know what is expected from them and not feel frustrated with the restrictions.

Parental controls are a useful tool for setting screen time limits for your children. Parents can set up usage limits for apps, games, and social media sites with these tools. They are also easy to use as they require no technical knowledge or skillset.

Teaching cyber etiquette

Technology can be confusing, and children are most affected by this. Helping your child understand digital etiquette doesn’t have to be anything difficult.

A child’s intellectual development develops alongside their experiences in their environment. Developing a positive attitude towards parenting is one key factor that can accelerate this. Cyber etiquette is important because it helps kids understand what is appropriate online and what’s not.

Customizable Parental Controls

Using screen time limits for your family can be safe in some cases. You must protect yourself & those around you from potential dangers, but the controls should be set at a level that works best for each member.

Many of the parental control features available today allow you to set up different profiles so that each family member can access different content.