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Guide To Mastering Email Deliverability In 2022

sending emails Email marketing success requires you to craft great content for your emails. While businesses should always look for ways to boost marketing efforts, you can improve your marketing reach by distributing  your emails to the most relevant contacts. As a result, the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign is dependent on email deliverability.

Many criteria influence whether or not you can send marketing emails to your contacts. Positive engagement is one of them. In addition, several other factors, including your understanding of the purpose of email deliverability, also influence the outcomes.

Regardless of these considerations, you must understand how to deliver emails to your contacts in order to achieve your email marketing objectives. With a step-by-step approach and the assistance of an email marketing platform such as Ongage, you can easily overcome all obstacles.

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Steps To Master Email Deliverability

Ensuring that your marketing emails arrive in inboxes can be accomplished by mastering email deliverability. It’s best practice to focus on not just one but several aspects.

1. Create A Mailing List

Creating a mailing list is the first step to ensuring email deliverability. You can either use a free or paid option for it. Most service providers provide similar options  for building a mailing list.

Firstly, sign in to your email account by providing your credentials in the appropriate sections. Make an appropriate label by choosing the contacts and giving them a name. Choose a name that is easy to remember for your convenience.

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2. Consider your ESP

The majority of your marketing emails get delivered to your recipients. Your email service provider (ESP) is crucial in this regard. It may grant or cancel its consent when delivering your emails.

When your ESP revokes its consent, your sent email does not go to the email inbox of your intended recipient. Your marketing emails only reach your intended recipients when your ESP approves them.

3. Focus On Maintaining A Hygienic Email List

Most email service providers (ESPs) appreciate it when email marketers have a clean email list. It plays a crucial role in their consent. If you send too many marketing emails to invalid email addresses, your ESP may believe you do not have a clean emails list. As such, you must maintain email hygiene.

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4. Avoid A Soft Bounce

email-design A soft bounce, like a hard bounce, can prevent your marketing emails from reaching a recipient’s inbox. It usually occurs when you send too many emails in a single day. This is because your email service provider keeps track of how many emails you send each day.

Depending on what exceeds your daily email sending limit, if you send 300,000 emails on any day, your ESP can prevent the delivery of 100,000 emails. By remaining consistent with the number of emails you send daily, you can prevent the possibility of a soft bounce.

5. Avoid Falling Into A Spam Trap

While most email marketers understand what a spam trap is, the majority of them fall victim to it. This is mainly due to negligence. Some email marketers forget to monitor their mailing lists for unanswered emails and spam traps are frequently found in such unmanned email accounts. According to researchers, in July of this year alone 21% of all HTML attachments in emails lead to malicious phishing sites.  The more email addresses you filter, the better.

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If you find your marketing emails end up in the spam folders of your recipients’ inboxes, an easy way to address this challenge is to use an SMTP tool. Choosing one of the best email hosting services will help to address this problem.

6. Respect Your Customers

email-newsletter Your email subscribers may respond to your emails in a variety of ways. Some might only read your emails, others may choose to unsubscribe or click on the links in the email. Your email may also be marked as spam by some of your intended recipients. When they do this, your  reputation suffers.

The last thing you want is for your target audience to designate your emails as spam. This may cause your IP email addresses to lose credibility in the eyes of an ESP. Most subscribers flag marketing emails as spam as a result of dissatisfaction with poor email sender reputation standards. Consider implementing the best practices for enhancing email sender reputation.

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A simple approach to avoid your emails from being labeled as spam is to include a way to unsubscribe.. If some of your email recipients want to opt-out of your marketing emails, make it simple for them to do so. You can include an unsubscribe link in your emails as one of your options.

7. Remember The Three-Party Rule

Contrary to what most people think, email deliverability is not a two-way street. Instead, it involves three parties: senders, gateways, and recipients. An email from a sender passes through many gateways (ISPs, B2B anti-spam systems, and blacklisting organizations) to reach recipients’ inboxes.

One of the most effective ways to engage your recipients is to ask for their permission at the outset. Try adding a permission reminder to a new joiner’s welcome email. This will tell your new receiver as to why they are receiving your marketing emails. As a result, people are less likely to report your marketing emails as spam.

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Additionally, do not forget to focus on your branding while crafting your marketing emails. The failure to do so can be one of the reasons for the failure of your marketing campaign.

Final Thoughts

It may take some time to master email deliverability and your success depends on your practices for sending marketing emails. Adopting appropriate tactics will help you progress over time. Keep the aforementioned factors in mind to improve your email deliverability.

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