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The Complete & Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Better Gamer

gaming on pc Gaming can be many things for different people. While some play games to kill time, others take it as a passion. And since you are here, you are definitely in the ‘passionate’ category, looking to become a pro gamer.

Whether you are a newcomer or an advanced player, a passionate gamer always finds ways to improve his skills. More than half of our population loves playing games. But most of them lack the skills to reach that level of gaming where they can stand out in the crowd.

All you need to hit that level are some gaming tricks and tips. So, we have prepared the complete and ultimate guide to becoming a better gamer exclusively for passionate gamers like you. Once you are ready, let’s move ahead.

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Choose the Right Gear

Gaming is like a battlefield where you compete against other players to win a match. And you can’t win a battle without proper weapons. Likewise, you will need the right gear to better your gaming skills. For example, the perfect mouse with the right sensibility settings can offer you a better and stable FPS target.

gaming gear components

A wireless mouse and keyboard can make your gaming experience more comfortable. Most importantly, gamers spend a considerable amount of time sitting and playing games. So, you must look for the best gaming chair that would comfort your sitting and let you focus more on your game.

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Learn Your Game

What is the difference between traditional sports and esports? Many of your answers would be, unlike traditional sports, esports do not require mobility. Well, it is a point – true – but it is not the major difference. The real difference is that you need to learn an e-sport with every other update.

A simple example might help. Let’s say you play cricket. So what happens in the sport? In cricket, you first learn some basic rules and then get physical training to play the match. These rules do not change quite often, or you don’t get ‘updates’.

But in esports, the games keep on getting updated. These updates can bring several significant changes in the gameplay. So, you have to keep learning the gaming meta to keep up with your performance.

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Analyze Your Replays

Life would be a lot easier if we could see our replays. But we only get to remember some incidents and get some major takeaways. But in gaming, you can always see every single detail of how you played. For example, if you are playing racing games like Asphalt 9, you get to see the replays of how you drove.

These replays help a lot to plan your way. You get to see your mistakes and get the chance to correct them in your next match. The replays can also help you learn your opponent’s tactics. Hence, if you are sure about gaming, make sure you watch the replays to get better at gaming.

Watch Pros Play

Observation is a necessary step to succeeding at anything. It lets you gather experiences of others, which you can use in your life. Hence, watching other players playing games can benefit you in many ways.

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esport gaming championship For example, while you see pro players’ streams, you get to see how strategically they play the games. You can implement those strategies in your gameplay and watch your game turn a different path. Hence, watching pro gamers play is among the essential tips while gaming.


No one has ever achieved anything without practice. If you have any hidden qualities, training can help get them out of you. Thus, just because you have crossed some ranks and are now competing against top players doesn’t mean you can stop polishing your skills.

Many games offer free play mode where you can practice and hone your skills. You can spend some time in that mode, practicing against the computer. It will help you achieve more control over your game and become a better gamer.

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Sometimes, losing patience can prove fatal while gaming. Gaming requires concentration and focus. A focused gamer can see the flaws of his opponents and fight smartly. Therefore, your opponent may try to target your patience and make you lose focus from the game.


Once you lose your patience, you become vulnerable. Hence, while playing games, you should have a calm and contented mind. If possible, take some break in between and get some fresh air. It helps your brain focus again.

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Becoming a better gamer becomes easier when you know the gaming tips and tricks. And with some little gaming cheats at RivalCheats, you can do much better. Now that you know how to become a better gamer, don’t be late to implement these tips while gaming. But, apart from these, you should take good care of your mental and physical health. Be sure to maintain a proper diet and sleep well.