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GTA V hits pre-order status


Even as details related to the game remain extremely slim, GTA V has arrived for pre-order through various selected retailers in the US, Canada and the UK. The game can be reserved now for the PS3 and Xbox 360 at a price of $59.99. A PC version which was mentioned quite a lot before is nowhere to be seen as yet. And as far as its release date is concerned, it has already been mentioned by Rockstar Games to be planned for the spring of next year.

Later this week, we will see a full reveal of the title through a cover story in a popular gaming magazine. Moreover, the second trailer for this offering is also ready to jump out of the developer’s stable, and will be launched on November 14, 2012. This video has been delayed apparently due to the chaos caused by Hurricane Sandy, which left Rockstar’s New York office powerless for several days.

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Announced for the first time in October last year, the title is perhaps one of the most anticipated games of all time. If its maker is to be believed, it is set to be the biggest open world game ever. GTA V will take place in the fictional universe called Los Santos, which is modeled around modern day Los Angeles, complete with surrounding hills, countryside and beaches. It will act as a successor to Grand Theft Auto IV which was released in 2009 for multiple platforms.

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Nothing about the game’s story or protagonist(s) is known as of now. A few days back, information that the title is aimed for a spring launch was given away by a few leaked promotional materials that were scattered all across the Internet. Some special pre-order incentives were also outed by these leaks, but the developer hasn’t mentioned any of these till now.

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Eager gamers can now pre-order their copies of GTA V for the PS3 or Xbox 360 at a price of $59.99. In the US, it can be booked via Rockstar Warehouse, GameStop, Amazon, BestBuy and Walmart, whereas in Canada, it is being offered by EB Games, BesyBuy and FutureShop. Lastly, UK gamers can book their copies via GAME, Play, Zavvi and HMV.