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Grimoire Of Zero Season 2: [Here’s What We Know So Far]

grimoire of zero season 2 With the prospect of more mediocre Isekai anime breathing down our necks, Grimoire of Zero season 2 would be a welcome bit of fresh air to the fantasy genre. Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho, also known as Grimoire of Zero, is a fantasy anime based on the original Japanese light novel series written by Kakeru Kobashiri and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma, its last volume having been released in 2017.

What Is Grimoire of Zero All About?

Grimoire of Zero is a Shonen series with its target audience being young adults. The manga series adaption was illustrated Takashi Iwasaki and six volumes have been launched till date. The popular anime series based on this was directed by Tetsuo Hirakawa and a twelve-episode series premiered on April 10, 2017.

The story involves the adventures of half-man, half-beast Mercenary and his witch companion, Zero, in a world torn apart by a war between human beings and mages. While Mercenary finds it difficult to completely trust his magical companion due to his past trauma, Zero comes to terms with her impact on the world as she is drawn right into the middle of a war caused due to her negligence and power.

Grimoire of Zero Mercenary The anime adaptation of Zero Kara boasts fluid action sequences and the animation quality is among the best. The characters have depth with concurrent plot lines of personal growth alongside the main story. And though some loopholes do exist, Grimoire of Zero season 1 does a good job of reminding us of the glory days of the fantasy genre. So, what is this anime series about? And more importantly, will the story continue into a second season and what would be the release date?

Will Grimoire Of Zero Season 2 Ever Happen?

Rated 7/10 on MyAnimeList currently, Grimoire of Zero was an instant hit upon launch in 2017. The demand for the series has been profitable and consistent. This is an incentive for White Fox studio to release Grimoire of Zero season 2.

While no official news regarding revamping the show has been posted yet, we can hope that the work on a sequel might be in progress and its release date may be posted soon since Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho is in high demand among fans.

While much speculation awaits regarding the story, from the nature of the demon that Zero invokes in the final episode to body possess Mercenary to the impact of the magic spreading through the neighboring kingdom, Grimoire of Zero has all the content necessary for a sequel in its novel series and can go in many different directions. The only thing we are dealing with is ‘if and when’.

The difficulty in awaiting newer releases is that though all the stars might align, the practical situation in the studios are more complicated than what we might assume. White Fox may be working on projects which might divert resources from Grimoire of Zero.

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Main Character

Is There Enough Source Material?

Grimoire of Zero is based on the an eleven-part original light novel series based on the same name by White Fox Studio. Though the anime show seemed to end on a high whole note with only twelve episodes, the key factor keeping hopes high for another installment is that the source material could fit a few more seasons of the anime into the new releases roster.

As the first season covers the story of the initial volume, the other volumes can be made into more seasons of the anime. Eleven volumes of the Japanese original light novel series and six volumes of the manga series releases would have enough meat to keep the show going for a few more seasons before it can run out of source material.


Grimoire of Zero Season 1 episodes:

  • Episode 1 – The Witch and the Beastfallen
  • Episode 2 – Witch-Hunting
  • Episode 3 – Duel
  • Episode 4 – The Road to Latette
  • Episode 5 – The Sorcerers of Zero
  • Episode 6 – Thirteen
  • Episode 7 – Plasta, the Royal Capital
  • Episode 8 – Sorena’s Granddaughter
  • Episode 9 – Reunion
  • Episode 10 – The Truth Revealed
  • Episode 11 – The Witch and the Sorcerer
  • Episode 12 – The Grimoire of Zero

Mercenary Grimoire of Zero

The Story So Far

Mercenary is a half-man, half-beast living in a world where beast men and magicians are at war with each other. Witches are prosecuted throughout the kingdom based on rumors and beast men are employed for hunting witches as they are considered the best witch hunters. Of course, regular humans are wary of beast men too since they can be extremely dangerous.

From showing the characters camping in the rough wilderness to constantly staying vigilant for ambushes, the first few minutes of the show make the plight of half-humans clear to the audience. Mercenary bumps into Zero, a mage with exceptional magical powers who helps him shake off his pursuers. She then invites him to help her in the quest to find her powerful grimoire which has been stolen. In wrong hands, it could destroy the world.

Grimoire Book Zero Though reluctant at first, Mercenary is convinced to join Zero when she proposes a deal to turn him into a human being after they find her powerful grimoire. The contrast between the characters of Zero and Mercenary displays the dichotomy in the world of Grimoire of Zero. While Mercenary is a battle-hardened fighter and has a grim overview of life, Zero seems quite naïve and is fascinated by the smallest of details around her. This duality in perspective paints events in a morally grey overtone and avoids polarizing the characters and factions in the story.

The duo is introduced to a young witch named Albus who is part of the mages revolting against the empire. Albus, being a mage, is in direct opposition to Mercenary’s stance on the war and hence the interaction between Albus and Mercenary, and the subsequent conciliation between them, helps viewers understand the problems on both sides.

The idea that two opposing forces can still understand each other’s plight and work together to solve their differences lends a nice perspective to the story line and breaks the monotony of black and white plots. The constant reminder of the persecution faced by the characters keeps the viewer grounded and the story quite immersive.

Grimoire of Zero Anime Albus and the mages are cunningly used to showcase the power that Zero possesses. Being the one who discovered the method of modern sorcery, Zero is revered by most mages as a savior to their cause. Albus is convinced that Zero will aid him in their quest to stop the persecution of mages by the empire and is impressed by her to the point of reverence. Zero is more interested in making sure that her special magical spell-book doesn’t fall into wrong hands than in getting involved in conflicts that could have potentially lethal consequences on the people of the kingdom.

Thirteen is introduced as a powerful witch and the primary antagonist. He is the one who is behind the persecution of mages throughout the kingdom and also the leader of the mages. The character of Thirteen might be the most flawed in the show as his motivations and priorities do not match his actions and personality. In spite of being an antagonist, Thirteen is also the elder brother of Zero. (Spoiler alert!) He later redeems himself of his sins.

The introduction of Thirteen also adds more complexity to the relationship between Mercenary and Zero. Though Mercenary and Zero enjoy a cordial relationship throughout the first half of the series, Thirteen exploits the hidden fear that Mercenary holds against Zero.

Thirteen The innocence of Zero and the trauma that Mercenary faced growing up as well as his two natures of man and beast are in conflict with one another. All of these factors culminate in the duo separating. The obsession that Thirteen has with Zero is elaborated by the interaction between them. Thirteen insists that what he does, he does for Zero’s welfare while being oblivious to the fact that he is hurting her in the process. The loss of Mercenary’s companionship leaves a large hole in Zero’s heart.

Albus’s story runs parallel to that of Mercenary and Zero and it is revealed that he is the grandson of the witch whose execution started the conflict with the kingdom. He now has to make sure that the peace between the kingdom and the rights of the mages are upheld. This leads him to believe that the kingdom’s magic should be sealed to avoid having countless people die in a pointless war.

The ending of the story is meticulous in not showing any of the belligerents as being the sole perpetrators of violence. Instead, the grey morality of conflict is well portrayed. While The justification for Thirteen’s actions could have been handled with more prudence, the ending of the story gives a sense of satisfaction that might make you smile.

Albus Zero and Mercenary make peace and decide to follow through with their journey to correct the possible problems arising from the spread of Zero’s knowledge. Who better than the best witch hunter and the best witch for the task? Though the relationship between Zero and Mercenary is hinted to take a romantic turn, to the dismay of many, the season doesn’t divulge much on the matter.

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Much of the story contains open elements and details needing elaboration, giving way to a lot of expectations for a Grimoire of Zero season 2 announcement. But what is the current state of the anime and could there realistically be a second season?

Is there a Grimoire Of Zero Season 2 release date?

The second season for the anime Re: Zero, another show from White Fox, released four years after the first season aired. So hopes for a second season are not completely invalid. The current pandemic might have pushed back the timeline for a second season of Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho and fans might have to wait a bit longer before an official announcement is made regarding the release date.

Yet the hope for Grimoire of Zero season 2 (Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou) is optimistic and word on this from White Fox is awaited in the days to come.