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Griffin SmartTalk Solar speakerphone for smartphones launched

Griffin SmartTalk Solar

Griffin is offering a way for drivers to stop themselves from fumbling around for a ringing phone with the SmartTalk Solar for smartphones. The device in question is a speakerphone that can be paired with handsets and just one large button acts as the interface.

The button in question serves the purpose of letting users pick up or place calls. So users should be able to answer or make calls without getting both their hands off the wheel. It even allows for activating the connected phone’s voice command function. Additionally, the Griffin accessory can be hooked up with a maximum of two devices at a time.

Another key feature of this diminutive add-on is its solar charging capabilities. It can be mounted to the windshield, with its solar panel towards the glass. This is meant to keep the internal battery powered up for an extended amount of talk time.

“Staying focused while driving is harder than ever with all the distractions that can come from smartphones. Griffin’s DriveSafe products and new SmartTalk Solar make it easy to stay connected on the road while maintaining safe driving habits,” cited Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology, while talking about the launch.

Griffin SmartTalk Solar Speakerphone

A practical accompaniment to the peripheral is the company’s Griffin DriveSafe application. It’s designed to keep owners informed about local laws with regards to hands-free phone and text usage. Also bundled into the app are map services to help users pinpoint gas stations, restaurants, medical facilities and more that are close at hand.

The Griffin SmartTalk Solar price is $69.99 and it has been made available for purchase through the company’s online store.