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Gresso’s luxury Radical R Android phone delivers titanium design for $1800 and above

Gold plated and colored smartphones are starting to kick off as many OEMs are offering their best devices designed with the gleamy hue. Luxury smartphone make Gresso has taken a different route by offering a trio of handsets crafted from titanium. And these precious form factors don’t come cheap as the base model will set you back by a whooping $1800.

The Radical R series is the first from the company to be based on Android. Three models are currently available, the R1, R2 and R3, each being made from grade 5 titanium. On the R1, the company’s logo is designed from titanium, while the R2 and R3 have 18k yellow and white gold logos, respectively. Each handset is manually assembled and a limited number of units are available.

Gresso Radical R

All three devices share the same key specifications. The Android 4.1.2 platform runs the show and there’s no mention of any exclusive UI, so we’re assuming that it’ll arrive with stock Jelly Bean. While the design looks fabulous, the specs aren’t anything impressive. The front dons a 4.5-inch qHD Gorilla Glass touchscreen, while the rear dons an 8MP camera.

The Gresso Radical R smartphones are powered by a quad core 1.2GHz CPU and they each have 36GB of internal storage. The company has also designed them with dual SIM slots. For the price you’d be paying, it wouldn’t hurt adding in better hardware, especially since cost isn’t a concern here.

The full titanium Radical R1 costs $1,800, while the R2 and R3 are both retailing for $2,300. The guys over at Pocket-lint note that the company will showcase their devices at the CES 2014.