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Greeting Card Builder to cherish the wonderful memories in life

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We always want to keep our beloved ones happy and how we wish there is a way we can shower upon them surprises and gifts and show how much we love them every single minute and day! While we can’t practically buy gifts everyday, we can certainly put in some time to create greeting cards by ourselves.

Pearl Mountain Soft understands our needs very well. On June 19, Pearl Mountain Soft announced the release of version 1.4 of Greeting Card Builder, an ideal tool for creating wonderful greeting cards easily. The greeting card builder programme runs on any version of Microsoft Windows and provides users ‘simple controls, real-time editing features and a rich assortment of templates’ claims the programme developer.

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The highlight of the programme is that it is user-friendly. Users just need to choose from one of the many gorgeous templates and layout of images on as many occasions as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, New Year, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and others for special occasions.

Wish you could put up the photo of the person for whom you are creating the card? Worry not, as the programme also supports the frequently used image formats for you to make a personalised greeting card.

While you can choose the ready-made beautiful templates, you can also add a personal touch to the greeting cards by editing them with the help of wide-range of user-friendly editing tools provided by Greeting Card Builder. You can either make a multi-layered greeting card by combining and editing images and using clip-arts of any size but also managing light and color, adding masks, filters and photo effects, cropping and resizing images, all basic editing features you can think of. Decorate your greeting card with borders, backgrounds, frames and once the changes and additions are done, they are instantly seen in the display and there is no need to save and reopen the file time and again.

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So isn’t it a perfect partner to create a perfect card for the special someone! After all, presents made by ourselves have a special meaning! The free trial version of the 1.4 Greeting Card Builder can be availed from It is priced at $29.90 (USD) for a single-user license.

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