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5 Great Games For Your Non-Gaming Laptop

If you want a top-notch PC and have enough money for it, then you can purchase a gaming PC. But a powerful computer isn’t cheap. If your last name is not Gates or Buffett, then you may have to decrease your expectations and follow your options. Even on a standard computer, there is a good chance of running cool games.

Fortunately, there is a large selection of titles, the installation of which does not require much free space or expensive video cards. Before downloading PC games, just read all the system requirements for its installation and go ahead! Here is our top list of games for your non-gaming laptop.

1 – The Elder Scrolls 4

The Elder Scrolls IV The game, released in 2007, still looks very modern. It invites you to go on a long journey through a wonderful world. Elder Scrolls 4 became the game of the year, just like its predecessors, with a large number of awards. A huge world and high detail are the ingredients of success. The game attracts with its atmosphere and beauty of landscapes, which is especially valuable for owners of weak computers.

2 – GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the fifth edition of the GTA series, which takes place in 1992, during the heyday of crime in the metropolitan areas of California. The main character Carl Johnson returned to Los Santos after five years of living in Liberty City. He finds himself embroiled in a crime story that begins with a false accusation of murder and ends with the unification of the city’s criminal territories at the hand of one person.

3 – Call of Duty

call of duty Call of Duty is a first-person shooter, which has grown into a separate series of games. The first part invites players to be involved in the campaigns for the USA, Great Britain, and the USSR, which happened for the first time in the genre. Players can participate in the Normandy operation, special operations in Austria and Belgium, they can also be involved in the Battle of Stalingrad, the Vistula-Oder, and Berlin operations.

4 – Homescapes

Homescapes A year after the release of Gardenscapes, the game got a spin-off – Homescapes. The plot of the game focuses on Austin, the butler. He decides to return to the family nest, which has fallen into disrepair. Austin’s parents were already about to sell the house and move into an easier home. However, Austin does not want to put up with this state of affairs and proceeds to renovate the house.

5 – Fishdom

Fishdom Fishdom is an addicting match 3 side-scrolling puzzle game in which you’ll create the aquarium of your dreams. At each level, you will look for the necessary combinations of three or more chips on the playing field. As you progress through mini-games and solve puzzles, you can buy various decorations and new fish. In addition, you need to monitor the condition of the aquariums and the comfort of their inhabitants.

What are your game recommendations for non-gaming laptops? Share with us in the comments.