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Grace Digital FireDock arriving to give Kindle Fire company

Grace Digital FireDock 1

The Grace Digital FireDock for the Kindle Fire is here. So anyone who thinks that it’s only the iPad which is spoilt for choice when it comes to accessories, can start the count.

The speaker dock will also take to charging the slab while playing out stereo sound. Specifically designed to accommodate the 7-inch Kindle, this rotating accessory allows viewing the screen from both the vertical as well as horizontal angles. Additionally, it has a headphone jack, a power button and a USB port placed along the bottom of the chassis. This is said to eliminate the difficulty of accessing the buttons on the device when it is docked.

“Grace Digital’s design approach on the FireDock was to provide the optimal solution around clearly defined requirements of Kindle Fire users,” shares Greg Fadul, CEO of Grace Digital Audio. “There are hundreds of iPhone speaker docks, but there is no quality audio solution for the 14 million Americans who have purchased the 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet. Grace Digital engineered the FireDock as a no compromise solution to enhance Kindle Fire’s multimedia offerings such as Netflix, Pandora Internet Radio, and Amazon audio books.”

Grace Digital FireDock 2

Complete with a class-D amplifier and full-range base ported stereo speakers, the setup aims to blare out clear sound for music lovers. As for users who are constantly traveling and want enhanced portability, they can opt for the lithium-ion battery-pack that’s sold separately.

The Grace Digital FireDock price is stamped at $129.99 and it will be retailing from July 2, 2012 onwards.