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6 GoToMeeting Alternatives

GoToMeeting Alternatives

A good GoToMeeting alternative makes web conferencing from a remote PC a piece of cake. Can’t make it for that all-important seminar which is scheduled to take place halfway around the globe? Want to collaborate with a bunch of people scattered across different continents? Well, you’ll be able to find the answer to all these queries and more by throwing a glance at our compilation of comprehensive names. Each option is infused with a myriad of features that enable individuals to simply hop onto the internet and take part in webinars and training sessions.

1 – Cisco WebEx:

Cisco WebEx

‘Connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime,’ is the call to arms here. This program allows you to collaborate remotely with colleagues or pals by sharing information bits, files and much more over the internet. It can be used for a number of purposes like conducting webinars, providing remote technical support, and delivering online training and eLearning experiences. You can easily show what’s stored on your computer and even brainstorm across an online whiteboard.

There are also sketch tools, private chats, multiple viewing options, and full-screen HD mode. What’s more, the developer has unveiled Android, iPhone and iPad apps for on-the-go assembly. You can choose from 4 types of price plans namely Basic, Premium 8, Premium 25 and Premium 100. While the basic is proffered for free, the other 3 are priced at $24, $49 and $89 per month, respectively.

2 – Mikogo:


This program like GoToMeeting is a great solution for providing remote support, conducting an online conference or giving a presentation. Individuals such as financial consultants, project managers, trainers, salespeople, teachers and IT help desk specialists can utilize this particular treat for various purposes. It also doubles as a handy desktop sharing tool. The software even comes packed with loads of interesting attributes such as remote keyboard/mouse control, whiteboard, pause transmission, switch presenter, screen sharing, application selection, and pointer.

YouTube video

You can seamlessly share your PC content with up to 25 participants at the same time. There are 4 types of price plans chalked out for this one namely, Basic, Professional, Team and Enterprise which are individually tagged at $13, $19, $39 and $78 per month.

3 – join.me:


‘Collabradabra’ is the magic word associated with this particular gem. As the brains behind the endeavor reveal, it’s an amalgamation of conferencing tools as well as instant screen sharing capabilities. Crafted to provide an intuitive experience, the application can be used for formal presentations as well as informal stuff like show-and-tell. There are 2 types of schemes here – Free and Pro. The former proffers features such as internet calling, share control, chat capabilities, multi-monitor and ability to send files.

YouTube video

Now the Pro version brings forth all these attributes as well as a few more goodies like unified audio and international conference lines, user management and reporting presenter swap, annotation and window sharing. While the free edition allows only up to 10 participants, the Pro version supports up to 250 individuals. The monthly charges for the latter option start at $13 if you choose a yearly plan, otherwise, it’s $19 for a month.

4 – Fuze:


This entrant in our software similar to GoToMeeting roster is filled to the brim with delicious features that allow you to conduct or take part in online conferencing. A few of them include multi-party HD video conferencing with up to 12 participants as well as the ability to upload, share and stream huge files with support for standard image formats, PowerPoint presentations, video and Keynote documents.

YouTube video

Other attributes read as a remote control, desktop and app screen sharing, Call Me, Fuze Telepresence, chat and cross-platform compatibility. There are also iPhone, iPad and Android apps created for the program. You can avail of 4 different price plans namely, Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise which are tagged at $0, $17, $39 and $69 per month, respectively.

5 – Zoho Meeting:

Zoho Meeting

The smart web conferencing solution lets you meet your customers online to conduct sales presentations, training, and product demos. You can even take part in conversations by embedding sessions directly into your company’s specific website or blog. You’ll also be able to join sessions straight from your browser without dabbling in any installations or downloads. Its feature list comprises of treats such as switch presenter, meet now, manage an organization, rebranding, customized viewing options, multi-language support, instant chat collaboration, audio conferencing and remote desktop control. While the Basic version is free to procure, the Professional edition price schemes begin at $12 for 5 participants per month.

6 – Vyew:


This final program like GoToMeeting spoils you rotten with plenty of conferencing and collaboration features. During your stay here, you can take complete advantage of video conferencing, voice-over-IP, white-boarding, text chat, custom branding, screen sharing, real-time desktop sharing, embedded comments, and voice notes.

YouTube video

With the help of this program, you’ll also be able to review documents put forth by other individuals, collaborate in real-time and take snapshots of your screen. Besides the free version, there are also Plus and Professional editions that are priced at just under $10 and $20, respectively.


With any of the aforesaid gems in our GoToMeeting alternative compilation sitting in your PC, you’ll be able to seamlessly collaborate and communicate with a bunch of other individuals, whether it’s for business or pleasure. No longer will you need to get out of your comfort zone and travel to another city or continent perhaps, just to be part of a gathering or symposium. Our options strewn across here foray onto the scene with different price tags and features, so if you want some apt replacements for the software in the spotlight, you’ll surely find your gems right here. And when you do, don’t forget to leave your comments in the box below.