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These gorgeous objects were made by LIX, a 3D printing pen which lets you draw in the air

The LIX 3D printing pen is not a first, though it is a less clunky device as compared to the 3Doodler we’ve seen on crowd-funding website, Kickstarter previously. Both gadgets are essentially 3D printers packed into compact bodies and the best thing about them is that they let you pull objects out of thin air.

Not literally, of course; but you can actually doodle in the air and watch your ‘art’ take shape right in front of you just like magic. The way the LIX works is pretty straightforward – you power it by connecting it to a USB 3.0 port and then feed it strings of ABS or PLA plastic.

LIX 3D Pen Creation

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The pen heats up these plastic filaments and then pushes out the molten stuff from its nozzle when you start drawing. The material dries quickly when it comes into contact with air.

3D Art

You will need a steady hand while doodling, and the LIX’s comfortably small chassis does seem to help. It goes without saying that the 3D doodles created will be light since they’re made of plastic.

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3D Doodling Pen

So you think the LIX is just a novelty object that is bound to grab eyeballs because 3D printing is new? Can’t imagine any practical use for it? Did you take a good look at the jewellery and art pieces made with this gadget?

The 3D printing pen will start shipping out to customers in October 2014. All the discounted early bird specials are gone. You’ll need to shell out £82 for the device and 3 bags of mixed color plastic filaments.

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LIX 3D Pen

Here’s the Kickstarter page hosting the LIX. It has crossed its funding goal of £30,000 and currently boasts of £293,318 in backing. You have until May 29 to make up your mind.

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