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Gorgeous food packaging decays with its contents as expiry date comes closer

You know how the banana peel gets spottier as the fruit inside it starts getting overripe? Tomorrow Machine believes that’s how food packaging we produce should act too. The Swedish design studio thinks that perishable items should be sold in containers which last as long as its contents do.

Tomorrow Machine has presented a beautiful line of environmentally-friendly packaging under the label This Too Shall Pass, a concept far from practical use though it is gorgeous to behold nonetheless. The series shows off the Smoothie, Oil and Rice packages molded out of biodegradable materials.

Smoothie Package

The Smoothie container is created out of water and agar-agar seaweed gel. It is meant to hold drinks or liquids which need to be refrigerated and have a short shelf life. We’re talking milk, fruit juices, cream, smoothies and so on. The cover shrinks as the expiry date draws near and opening it requires you to prick the top.

Oil Package

The Oil package is developed using caramelized sugar layered with wax. It’s a breathtaking globular structure filled with an oil-based liquid and the contents can be accessed by cracking it like you’d do an egg. The shell should be safe to ingest and it dissolves upon coming into contact with water.

Rice Package

Processed from beeswax, the Rice package is for dry goods and must be peeled open like a fruit. Seen at The Verge, this Tomorrow Machine series emphasizes on the idea that food and packaging should share a symbiotic relationship. Aside from problems related to damage during shipping, what do you think about the concept?