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GoPro launches low-priced Hero+ with Wi-Fi, makes Session model cheaper by $100

Competition from other action cameras it seems is bothering GoPro a bit, since it has gone on to introduce 2 new devices in the span of about 3 months. The newest one among them is the Hero+ Wi-Fi model that has been launched by the company today at $199.99.

This new action camera is actually the missing link between the entry-level Hero ($129.99) and the Hero+ LCD ($299.99) which of course offers an LCD display and Wi-Fi both. The Hero+ Wi-Fi has been aimed at those people who want Wi-Fi on their affordable GoPro but are ready to abandon the LCD in lure of a low price.

Wi-Fi support means that users will be able to connect the camera to their smartphones in order to use them as viewfinders as well as remote controls. They will moreover, even be able to transfer images and videos wirelessly.

GoPro Hero+

The rest of the specs of the Hero+ Wi-Fi aren’t any different from the base model. It can capture 1080p and 720p videos at 60fps, while it can click images at 8MP. This device is waterproof down to 40 meters, and supports Time Lapse clips but not slow motion ones.

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If you remember the GoPro Hero4 Session which was launched in July this year, you’ll also remember that it was a tad overpriced at $399.99. Its asking amount has now been cut down by a good $100, making it more accessible. This is the smallest GoPro till date, but has quite a lot of brawn when it comes to serving its purpose.

GoPro Session

The new GoPro Hero+ Wi-Fi model is also set to go on sale in the US on October 4 at its above mentioned retail value of $199.99.