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GoPad for iPad 2 surfaces for easy portability

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The GoPad for iPad 2 has recently emerged as a possible solution for folks who are constantly hooked onto their Apple slabs and find it quite tedious to operate them while standing. This accessory needs to be attached to the device, while the strap can be put around the neck, facilitating easy use of the gadget.

The GoPad when fastened to the iPad, makes typing with both hands possible, even when standing or moving around either at home or at the workplace. In addition to solving that very problem, it also takes on the role of a stand which can be adjusted for a comfortable viewing experience. Needless to say, when the iPad is supported by the adjustable stand and placed on the desk, users can easily type and seamlessly get on to doing what they do best on the slab. Dug up by Ubergizmo, this iPad accessory is bundled along with a GoBag as well as a GoStrap.

GoPad For iPad 2 02

The arrival of this offering adds to the numerous accessories available for the Apple device, each flaunting their own unique features. The GoPad eliminates the need to hunch over the iPad when kept on a table, probably saving many from a bad backache. Individuals possessing other tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook and also the Amazon Kindle Fire can get their hands on the GoPad for their respective slabs. However, the exact release dates for the same have been kept under wraps for now.

The GoPad for iPad 2 price is chalked out to be $89 and it can now be obtained from the company’s official website.