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Google’s voice search on Android now provides location-aware results

Google’s voice search on Android just keeps getting better and better, and the new trick up its sleeve is the ability to display results relevant to where you’re located without you having to specify your location. So, instead of actually naming the places you want information about, you can just refer to them as ‘this.’

In simpler terms, while earlier you had to ask questions like ‘When does Leopold Café open?’ you can now just ask ‘When does this open’ and Google will automatically identify that you’re standing outside Leopold Café to give you your answer. This is possible due to the service’s new location-aware nature.

Now in case your query refers to a place where multiple things can be referred to as ‘this,’ Google’s voice search will provide you with a list that’ll ask you to select the exact place you’re interested in knowing about. Monuments and tourist attractions are where this new feature will definitely prove to be useful.

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In case you’re standing outside the Taj Mahal, you can just ask questions ‘When was this built’ or ‘How tall is it’ in order to get your answers. There are several different ways this fresh trait works; so feel free to try it out.

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Google showcased this new addition to its Search for Android application at an event in event in Paris. Danny Sullivan was present there and has uploaded a few videos on Twitter that show the service in action. Take a look at one of them in the space below.

The Google Search app keeps getting new features from time to time, and it’s the ones like this new location awareness trait that make it such an irresistible offering.