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Google’s shows Android N interface devoid of app drawer

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We had heard an earlier report which had quite confidently speculated that Google’s Android N version will not feature an app drawer on its interface. Now, a video that has been released by the company itself, has sort of gone on to confirm that.

We’re not sure right now as to why Google would want to reveal the feature so early. It is perhaps a deliberate accident which the company has made in order to gauge the audience’s reaction to the absence of an app drawer. This means there is still a tiny bit of chance that it will be retained in the final build of Android N.

The video in question has come from a tweet from the Google Maps account that details several of the service’s cool features. The icon bar at the bottom which usually occupies an app drawer button aside from other buttons, is seen to be quite empty with just the Phone, Contacts and Camera icons present there.

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The removal of the app drawer means all the apps will need to be placed on the homescreen, just like on the iPhone and some Android skins such as MIUI. Over the years, Android users have been using their homescreens to place their most used apps, because it’s kind of annoying to have to search for them in the app drawer.

It is hence that this possible move is definitely going to infuriate those who have been using their Android phones in this way. However, the company has issued a statement (via Droid Life) saying that the mockup in the image was an inaccurate version of their UI, neither confirming nor denying that death of the app drawer.