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Did Google’s Search results page design just get crappier? We hate it

Who else is seeing what appears to be a newly redesigned version of the Google Search results page? It’s all bleached out now and is likely to give you snow blindness if you stare at it for too long. And the only thing that seems to have changed is that the titles of results which pop up on the page are not underlined anymore.

Google has taken away the blue underlining. And what a difference it makes. Now it’s even more difficult to quickly distinguish between normal results and advertisements. Some will undoubtedly call it a cleaner design, but you won’t hear us saying that.

New Google Search Results Page

There’s just too much white space on the page to make us like it.

Old Google Search Results Page

You may not be able to tell the difference clearly when comparing the first (new) and second (old) designs. But just hit Google Search and you’ll know what we mean. What do you think? Fancy the aesthetic change that has been rolled out? Hopefully, it’s not going to stick around for long.


  1. I can’t stand the change to Google’s search page! Never tried other search engines, but I will now be checking out different ones.


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