Google’s Project Ara phone: Everything we know so far

2The basics

Ara Modules

Like we said, the Project Ara phone will arrive in the form of a body which will be referred to as a frame. This frame will just have slots on it for modules to be inserted. Buyers will then have to choose the basic components like the display, the camera, the battery and more, to be added into the slots.

While the display will of course go in the front, the other modules will occupy space on the back. You will even be able to stock up on extra modules so that you can swap them for different scenarios. For instance, an additional battery module will definitely come in handy for when you’re traveling.

And the best part is that you can upgrade your existing modules any time you feel, since the frame itself will not become obsolete for years on the trot. This will take away the pain you feel when new phones with better features hit the market merely months after you buy yours.

Project Ara devices are supposed to come in three size options. While the medium sized variant is what is being demonstrated by Google right now, there are even plans to release small and phablet-sized models.