Google’s Project Ara phone: Everything we know so far

1Things to know about the Google Project Ara phone

Project Ara Phone

With Google now having announced that the first developer units of the Project Ara smartphone will be shipping later this year, the excitement surrounding this device is on an all-time high. The dream of owning a smartphone with its specs customized to your liking is finally coming true.

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team has announced that while developer units will be arriving this year, the year 2017 will finally see the Porject Ara modular smartphone launching for consumers. This will actually be a host body that will be customizable with all sorts of modules to be sold separately.

The Project Ara device brings into the picture the Ship of Theseus paradox of whether something is new just because all of its parts have been changed or if it is the same thing as before. But the philosophical questions can stay aside for the time being, as we focus on the hardware and software side of things.

This concept came into being sometime around 2012, and was unveiled by Motorola (then a Google subsidiary) the following year. But updates regarding its development have been very slow since. Even now there are several things about it that are not known to many. Let us give you a full lowdown on this upcoming revolutionary smartphone platform.