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Google Nexus 6 gets listed on Flipkart even before Play store arrival

While Google was prompt in listing the Nexus 9 on India’s Play store, the Nexus 6 still remains nowhere to be seen on the website. It’s hence a slight surprise that Flipkart has already put up a listing of the Android flagship phone, however, there’s no mention of its price from the e-commerce site.

The Nexus 6 is in supreme demand right now, which was demonstrated by the fact that it went out of stock within minutes of it having been made available in the US. Its arrival on Flipkart this early has can mean a number of different things.

Google Nexus 6

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It could be that the retail site will have the exclusive rights to sell the device in the country. That’s plausible since it’s a device made by Motorola which prefers nothing other than Flipkart when it comes to selling its devices in the nation. Moreover, when it comes to countries other than the US, Google relies upon the manufacturers of Nexus phones themselves for their distribution.

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This could even mean that this new Android 5.0 Lollipop OS-equipped handset will not be sold through the Play store at all. However, we believe that an exception might just be made in case Motorola goes for Flipkart-exclusivity. There’s also the possibility of the phone being made available via all traditional retail channels and websites for all you know.

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What’s important right now is what kind of a price tag the Nexus 6 will be blessed with. As we all know, Google has significantly increased the price of this year’s model to $649.99, and this could mean that its asking amount in India will hover around the Rs 45000 mark.

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