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Google’s new Who’s Down app to make planning more efficient

Google has released an experimental new app named Who’s Down which is aimed at letting you make quick plans with your friends without having to call them individually or wait for their replies. This new Android and iOS utility comes with a slider that lets you announce to everyone that… well… ‘you’re down.’

You can even say what is it exactly that you’re down for. Be it pizza, a movie, getting drunk or more. And if your friends too are down for something you’re down for, they can contact you and thus your plans are made.

If you’ve liked the concept, then be ready to get disappointed as this app is invite-only at the moment. Although it can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices, you won’t be able to use the app without being invited to do so by Google.

Who's Down

This is the reason we can’t give you a detailed breakdown of its features right now. But we have indeed been able to grab some information from the screenshots that you can see above.

While Who’s Down of course features the ability to chat with your friends, it also seems to come with a group chat function for letting you make plans with multiple friends. It has been granted simple material looks, with the slider being its most important asset.

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If you’re interested in using the new Who’s Down app you can head over to this link and register to get an invite from Google. Like we said, the app can be downloaded through the Play Store and the App Store, but is useless without an invite.