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Google’s new PhotoScan app turns your old prints into digital images

Google PhotoScan

Google’s launched a brand new app to take care of your scanning needs, putting a special emphasis on saving dusty old photos from a bygone era when digital images weren’t supreme. Dubbed PhotoScan, the app is now live for both Android and iOS.

PhotoScan solves a problem facing many people nowadays namely how to preserve prints without going through the tedious process of capturing snaps while adjusting for crooked edges and annoying glare or buying an expensive scanner to do the job. Google claims the app can deliver high-quality digital copies of pictures within seconds.

Scanning images using PhotoScan is fairly straightforward. Users just have to position the photograph within the frame and then move it over the four rings which appear over the interface. Once each circle has been filled, the app outputs a scan which is apparently free of glare, straightened, automatically cropped, and rotated to the correct orientation.

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It can then be saved to Google Photos. Speaking of the latter, the company has blessed the app with three new editing options in its latest update. The revamped auto enhance tool instantly improves snaps by doing things like balancing exposure and saturation. There are also 12 machine intelligence-backed looks now which act as filters.

Looks include things like Metro, Eiffel, and Blush. Finally, Google’s introducing advanced controls for Light and Color let individuals fine tune their images by adjusting values like highlights, warmth, and shadows.

PhotoScan can be downloaded via the App Store and Play Store.