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Google’s new iPhone app transforms your shaky Live Photos into awesome GIFs

Motion Stills

Google’s come out with another cool iOS-only app dubbed Motion Stills, yet again giving the cold-shoulder to Android users. However, the search giant has a good reason for making the application Apple-exclusive this time round, since it focuses on Live Photos.

To recall, Live Photos made its debut as a new feature in the iPhone 6S. They’re basically short GIF-like videos which record a few seconds before and after a photo is clicked to allow people to relive the moment. Unfortunately, it hasn’t really caught on the way Apple probably hoped it would thanks to limited third-party support and the shakiness of the resulting footage.

This is where Motion Stills comes in, fixing Live Photos with a wave of its magic wand. All you have to do is load the image into the app and it’ll instantly get rid of all the blurriness and wobbling. It then spits out a smooth GIF or video which looks much better and is additionally social media-ready.

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Google uses video stabilization technology to perform this neat bit of sorcery. Motion Stills basically freezes the background into a still image or sweeping cinematic pans and puts the focus on the center of the frame. Its algorithm sketches out a virtual camera path which mimics the feel of stabilization equipment.

It’s a major breakthrough for Google, which claims it pioneered the technology behind the application by stabilizing millions of videos and creating GIFs from photo bursts. Motion Stills is also pretty hassle-free as far as apps go, even allowing you to combine multiple clips for a montage. It doesn’t even require a data connection to perform its magic.

Motion Stills is now live and can be downloaded via the App Store.