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Google will soon punish sites which use invasive pop-up ads

Google Bad Ads

Annoying pop-up ads have been the bane of users for quite a while now, with little being done to stop them from invading people’s lives. Google has now decided to step in to put an end to these advertisements once and for all.

Google is taking advantage of the fact that many publishers are dependent on its powerful search engine to get people clicking to their site. From 10 January 2017, any page which uses intrusive pop-ups or interstitials will be ranked lower in its mobile search results.

Of course, this is just one factor among many, but the possibility of displeasing Google and going down in search results may just compel websites to make some serious changes to its ads. The tech giant has helpfully outlined what it considers good and bad interstitials in a blog post.

Google Good Ads

As per Google, the former category consists of interstitials which show up as a response to a legal obligation like cookie usage or age verification and login windows for private content such as email or unindexable content behind a paywall. The list further includes banners which take up a reasonable amount of screen real estate and are easily dismissible.

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On the flip side, Google’s bad ads catalog focuses on pop-ups which cover the main content either immediately or while a person is scrolling through a page. Moreover, any website which does things like displaying a standalone interstitial which the reader has to dismiss before being able to look at the underlying text will also feel the effects of the company’s cold shoulder.

Google went on to warn that the new change is just one among hundreds that are utilized in ranking. The actual intent behind a search query is still a strong signal, which means an offending site may still be present at the top if it has relevant content.