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Google Wallet app updated to support gift cards and more

The Google Wallet app which allows you to administer your money through your Android and iOS devices has been granted a big update by its makers. This time around, the software has been provided with support for managing gift cards as well as the ability to send or receive money.

Available only in the US, this new version of the app allows you to add your gift cards to your Wallet either by typing in the information or by clicking pictures of them. And when you wish to use them, all you need to do is show your phones to the cashiers during checkout.

Google Wallet

Select gift cards enable you to check your balance in real-time, and with some Google magic, you can get reminders to use them when you’re near applicable stores. If you’ve been sent a gift card through email, you can save it to your Wallet through the ‘Save to Google’ feature.

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A cool new Google Wallet attribute lets you request your friends for money in case they owe you some or you are in need of some. A notification will be received by them and they can then instantly send it to you through the app. If they still forget to send it, you can send them a nudge as well.

Google Wallet App

Funds can now be added to the app through your debit cards and the app has also gained support for Spanish language settings. The updated Google Wallet is live now on the Play store and the App Store for those residing in the US.