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Google Wallet on Android can now cope with multiple accounts

Those who like to have their devices saddled with more than one account were hitherto able to only use one of them for making Google Wallet transactions. That has changed now, for an update to the Android version of this service has made sure that they can utilize multiple Google accounts through the app.

A few changes to its user interface also make their way into the utility. As has been pointed out by Android Police, the explore offers feature has been weeded off completely. Back in March, both the Android as well as iOS versions of Google Wallet were updated to track your online purchases, but the latest update to former app allows it to send out notifications for the same.

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Apart from this, there are also a few subtle changes here and there which you’ll notice when you download the latest version of the service. Moreover, an update to the Play Services attribute will now enable developers to place Google Wallet Instant Buy buttons in their titles. This will make it extremely easy for customers to purchase stuff through their Google accounts.

The new Google Wallet update is rolling out gradually through the Play store, but for those who can’t wait for it to arrive, the above mentioned site has put up a legit APK file for download.