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Google vanquishes Quadrooter flaws in September Android security patch

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Google has finally vanquished the Quadrooter vulnerability in its latest Android security bulletin for the month of September. The tech giant has further broken down its release into three security patch level strings to provide greater flexibility for its Android partners.

To recap, the Quadrooter flaw first reared its head about a month ago and is composed of four different vulnerabilities. According to security firm Check Point, the issue could potentially affect over 900 million Android devices which were powered by Qualcomm SoCs.

Left untreated, Quadrooter could allow hackers to gain access to a person’s phone via a malicious app, letting them remotely control their smartphone. Post this scare, Google issued a statement clarifying that its August security patch shields people from 3 out of 4 of these flaws.

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The latest September patch now takes care of the last one left vulnerable namely CVE-2016-5340. Google was also quick to point out that its long-standing Verify Apps and SafetyNet features are meant to identify and get rid of malicious apps which could cause havoc by exploiting problems like Quadrooter.

Google’s pre-existing safety mechanisms seems to have done an adequate job in protecting Android devices. The company claims there have been no reports of active customer exploitation or abuse arising from the new issues covered in the September bulletin.

The September Android security patch is now being beamed out as a single OTA update to Nexus devices and should roll out to other products soon.