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Google updates Photos app, launches Play Music Family

At its grand Nexus unveiling event in San Francisco, Google grabbed the opportunity to announce some sweet Google Photos and Play Music additions as well. While the former has finally received its much elusive Chromecast support, the latter has been blessed with a family subscription plan like the ones that are available via Apple Music and Spotify.

The original Google+ Photos app to which Google Photos serves as a replacement, used to have a Chromecast streaming option. However, ever since the arrival of the new version, it has been missing this trait, and fans have been anticipating each new update to bring it, but to no avail. It has now arrived for them, allowing easy casting of content from the app to a TV connected to a Chromecast dongle.

Another new feature of the same app is album sharing which allows an album to be shared between multiple users. This way, all of them can share their photos and videos in the same album, and can even receive notifications when others upload new content. And then there’s people labeling which simply lets you assign names to the faces that appear in your photos.

Google Photos

Google Play Music All Access is a huge deal in the United States and other nations where’s it’s accessible. So far, users have been able to buy individual subscriptions at $10, but with the fresh family plan, up to 6 people can take advantage of the service on the same plan which costs just $15.

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The new Google Photos app should be available for download in a few days, whereas the Family plan for Google Play Music will be arriving later this year.