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Google unveils new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio accessories

At Google’s Nexus unveiling event, we were also greeted by the launch of a next-gen Google Chromecast dongle and another accessory called Chromecast Audio which is designed to stream music over Wi-Fi. Both these devices are available from today onwards in a total of 17 countries at equivalent prices of $35 each.

The new Chromecast has abandoned the design of its predecessor and has assumed a hockey puck-like shape with its HDMI cord dangling out. Changes have also found their way in the insides of the device, with 802.11ac Wi-Fi as well as 5GHz network support.

This accessory now bears a triple-adaptive antenna design which should result in better reception of signals. Unlike its precursor, the new Chromecast will be made available in the form of three color options, namely black, yellow and red.


A number of fresh features have also found their way into this device, with the prime one among them being ‘Fast Play’ which allows it to start streaming much quicker than usual, after the user presses the Cast button. Also, there’s a new Feeds trait that lets you dictate what content the Chromecast will show on the screen when on standby.

Chromecast Audio

And then there’s Chromecast Audio which has a befitting name for its functions. It is basically a Chromecast meant specifically for those who stream their music rather than have it stored locally. Once the device is connected to your speakers via an auxiliary cable, it allows audio-only apps like Spotify to stream music on the speakers. It includes support for RCA and optical connections as well, but does not feature Bluetooth connectivity.

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Like we said, the new Google Chromecast and Chromecast Audio accessories are now availalbe for purchase in 17 countries through the Google Store.