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Google TV Introduces Personalized Profiles For Users

google tv Google announced that it has begun rolling out ‘personalised profiles’ for its users on Google TV.

The new Google TV profiles let users enjoy their own personalised space with their Google Account.

“We are excited to begin rolling out profiles on Google TV today,” the company said in a blogpost.

“As you watch TV, your profile takes into account your interests and preferences to help you discover more of what’s out there for you. And for the little ones, you can always set up a kids profile to help them access a fun collection of movies and shows under your guidance,” it added.

The new feature allows users to create their own watchlist and it also allows them to save it for later.

“When a friend tips you off to a hot new show, you can always add it to your watchlist to save it for later, the company said.

“Each Google Account has its own watchlist, so your finds will show up right in your profile and stay separate from your other’s lists in your household,” it added.

Users can also ask for recommendations by saying, “what should I watch?” or get help streamlining their day by saying “show me my day” as their profile is linked to their account’s Google Assistant.

The company said that profiles on Google TV will be rolling out to all users over the next few weeks.