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Google to follow Apple strategy for Nexus phones


Google may be thinking of taking a leaf out of Apple’s playbook for its future line of Nexus phones. Specifically, the brand wants to emulate its rival’s strategy of having complete control over every stage of production.

Apple is well-known for being a closed wall when it comes to collaborations, choosing to treat its external manufacturers as contractors rather than partners. Google, on the other hand, has projected itself as open for cooperation through its Nexus and Android One initiatives.

Google’s plan of action for the Nexus series so far has been to choose a partner such as Motorola, Huawei or LG and let it handle aspects like the design, while it provides the specs and the OS. This could be coming to an end soon if Sundar Pichai has his way. The company’s CEO wants to vertically integrate its phone operations, which is pretty much how Apple does it.

This could have huge ramifications, such as only the Google brand name appearing on its Nexus handsets. The firm has gone solo before with its Pixel range of offerings. Based on this, it’s not that far-fetched to think a Pixel smartphone might be a reality in the future as well. As per The Information (via TechnoBuffalo), the company is keeping it under consideration.

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So why the sudden drive towards independence? First of all, it would help Google better combat Apple when it comes to premium products. Secondly, the latter has been steadily trying to reduce its dependence on the former. It had dropped both YouTube and Google Maps as default apps a few years ago.

Not to mention, while Google is currently the default search engine in the iPhone, this could easily not be the case in the future. A pure Google Nexus phone would definitely help it deal with such a heavy blow if it were to happen.