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Google thrusts Project Tango vision into tablet for developers

Google introduced us to Project Tango back in February, and at that time a weird prototype smartphone was used to demonstrate the technology and to help developers create something out of it. But now, those two purposes are all set to be served by a comparatively decent-looking tablet which has just been unveiled by the company.

It’s a full-fledged development kit aimed at letting techies make the most out of Project Tango, a technology aimed at providing computer-based human-scale understanding of space and motion. This is done with the help of 3D sensors and apart from accessibility functions, the project’s further entry into daily applications and games cannot be ruled out in any way.

Project Tango Tablet

The tablet in question which you can witness in the video below has been crafted ‘in close collaboration’ with Nvidia, and it’s hence no surprise that the Tegra K1 mobile processor has found its way into it. Aside from that, this device houses a whopping 4GB RAM module and 128GB of storage. Moreover, a motion tracking camera and integrated depth sensing technology, both of which are necessities of Project Tango have also been added onto this beast of a slate.

This development kit grabs support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and 4G LTE as well. For developers wishing to buy it, the device won’t exactly be going easy on their wallets with its $1024 price tag. Registrations for it have begun already and Google I/O is where we will definitely be able to see the tablet in action.

YouTube video

Project Tango from Google is still at its infant stages, so we’re not expecting actual consumer products anytime soon.