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Google tests new AdSense Ad Format, merges Box Ads and Adlink Units

New Google Test Ad BoxshotGoogle has always incorporated interesting style and features into its AdSense ad format. It has incessantly been successful in surprising publishers and advertisers with something new.

In the latest development in its AdSense initiative, Google seems to be testing a new AdSense ad format that fuses Google’s two popular ad formats adlink and box ad into one. In other words, just one ad box comprises of the box ad on the top followed by the adlink below.

The test campaigns incorporating this new Google Asense format were observed running live on TechShout.com.

In the latest AdSense ad format three regular text ads are placed on the top and right below them running are the adlink ad units. These new ad formats were seen in Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) and Square (250 x 250) units.

This new format could give visitors more relevant links to click on. However, the new ad format fails to blend well with the site layout and sticks out, which may result in a few curiosity clicks in the start. But in due course this new format could bring down the click through rate (CTR) as it does not camouflage well with the site’s other contents. But nothing can be said for sure as for now and only time can determine its success or failure.

This new ad format is surely quite an interesting and unique design. Whether this format goes live or not remains to be seen.