Google Talk on iPhone: Chat On!

Google Talk on the iPhone The iPhone may have rocked the news columns and the 3G iPhone has received quite a lot of attention. To add to that attention and praise here is a popular feature which most of us would love to have on our respective phones. Now touch on to Google Talk application on your touchscreen iPhone.

The widely used chat service from Google arrives on the most talked about phone from Apple. The chat service does not require any special installation as the new version of Google Talk is designed specially for the iPhone. The chat system will run on the iPhone browser once logged in to link:

The Google Talk on the iPhone has a few differences as compared to the computer version. The iPhone version of chat system requires the Google Talk application must be kept open in the safari browser to ensure that the instant messages are received. Which means if you check on any other application or window, the status on Google Talk will display as unavailable and the application will launch itself again when you return the Google Talk page.

Apart from the few differences, the application retains its originality on to the iPhone with the design and purpose being the same as the computer version. So keep in touch with your friends and family members with the Google Talk on your iPhone and hope to see more good news and applications for the iPhone in the future.