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Google Stadia Controller Receives Wireless Support For Computers

google-stadia-controller Google has announced that Stadia Controller would finally work wirelessly with laptops and desktops.

“Starting this week, you can now use the Stadia Controller to play wirelessly on your laptop and desktop. You no longer need to connect your Stadia Controller physically to your computer to play your favorite games,” said the company.

“You’ll be able to link your Stadia Controller and Stadia.com through your Wi-Fi network and play without a USB-C cable connection,” it added.

At the launch in November, this capability was restricted to the Chromecast Ultra when playing on televisions.

Google has also rolled out an update that would let the Stadia Controller ‘capture’ screenshots and video clips on Android.

Captured screenshots and clips will be stored automatically on users’ Stadia account.

With a Stadia Pro subscription, one can store up to 500 clips and unlimited screenshots. Without a subscription, a user can store up to 100 clips and unlimited screenshots.

One can buy a Stadia controller for $69. However, the Stadia Premiere Edition bundle is for $129, which also includes a Chromecast Ultra and three months of the paid Stadia Pro subscription.