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Google+ sign-in feature expanded with more integration options

Google+ Sign-in

The Google+ sign-in feature lets people use their Google account when they visit certain websites and jump into apps so that the experience is a little more personalized. Now the Internet search giant has revealed that it is adding a few more options for integration with the social carousel.

Most websites have already got on board with other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and allow visitors to sign in using their accounts on these platforms, making the browsing experience a little better. Even most web apps allow a deeper level of integration by having users log into their accounts.

PhotoHunt Integration

For example, people may want to log their workout activity and keep track of their progress, but they may not want to have to sign in each time with another different username and password. With the option to connect using their social profiles, it is convenient to remember just one password and possible to use several apps at once, with progress (be it in a video game or in the real world) being tied to their accounts on their SNS of choice.

Google introduced G+ as a way to have its own socially connected network and has even brought the ability to use the account to sign in to various apps. This update is mostly aimed at developers who will now be able to provide more choices to users, with most of the work already taken care of.

Example App Access

The changes will allow visitors and customers to add trusted authentication to the apps they use and sites they frequent. Web users will now have the ability to download an app automatically over-the-air, in much the similar manner the Play store affords. In addition, those using services will be able to customize their experience based on their Google+ profile information. And interestingly, app activity can be set to show up only when relevant and users can share interactive post with friends.

And the Mountain View company has got things rolling by partnering with the social infrastructure platforms Janrain and Gigya. Thanks to the former, people will be able to sign in to NPR, HSN and Universal Music Group which includes the websites of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Imagine Dragons, Eminem and Interscope Records. The platform offered by Gigya will give access to American Idol and the Food Network UK.

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The Google+ sign-in feature provides a simple and secure way to log on to websites and have things connected. But will it really catch on? That is to be seen.