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Google sets up free Android Training classes for developers

Android Training Program

The Mountain View guys seem pretty keen on welcoming better apps for their mobile OS going by the newly rolled out free Android Training classes for developers. This program is aimed towards providing assistance in the creation of much more efficient applications.

Through these classes, developers can learn how to troubleshoot problems with appropriate solutions and obtain a much better method of implementing various features via code snippets and sample codes for their applications. According to a post made on the official Android Developers blog, the program caters to a variety of framework topics such as designing effective navigation systems, managing audio playback and optimizing battery life.

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Tim Bray, Tech Lead at Android Developer Relations, expressed, “From designing effective navigation, to managing audio playback, to optimizing battery life, these classes are designed to demonstrate best practices for solving common Android development problems. We’re starting small and this is just the beginning for Android Training. Over the coming months we will be increasing the number of classes available, as well as introducing over-arching courses and sample apps to further help your development experience.”

Android Training Program 1

For deriving proper solutions to issues like bugs and glitches, the program is designed to demonstrate some of the most viable methods available. Additionally, the company also plans on introducing a number of new classes and create various training courses to help developers enhance their applications with much more enriched experiences for users.

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The Google Android Training program is currently in the beta stage and is available for all developers free of charge. Newer courses are expected to surface over the coming months.