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What did people do before Google?

Does anyone remember what the internet was like before Google? We certainly don’t. But we’re guessing we’d still be stuck with long trips to the library and getting information by word of mouth, texts, radio or TV if it wasn’t for Google. So it’s time to forget the company’s many eccentricities and mess-ups for a bit.

Happy Birthday Google!

It’s unlikely that you didn’t know this already, but ‘Google’ is actually recognized as a verb. That’s how important it is considered and for some people, the search engine has been around forever. Well, Google turned 15 this week and celebrated its birthday with a piñata party doodle. Here’s a video of us trying to grab as much candy as possible.

YouTube video

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Meet Hummingbird

Google has been testing its new search algorithm dubbed Hummingbird for some time and it’s now officially open for business. You can put down really long questions and expect more relevant answers for it. The results are presented in a more comprehensive form so that users can get most of the answers from the search page itself.

You can already get definitions, translations, synonyms and origins of words directly from the search page. Small synopses of most subjects people may want to look up have been appearing on the right side of the results page too. Google’s gotten more ambitious and greedy with the latest overhaul.

Just type ‘Compare bread versus rice’ or ‘Songs by Adele’ into the search box and see for yourself. Most of the redesign is aimed at giving searchers the answers right away, without necessarily redirecting to another web page unless they want in-depth details. Web publishers can start losing sleep over loss of revenue to Google now.

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Google Search Android iPhone Updated

iOS and Android update

Android and iOS are set to welcome an updated Search app which syncs across platforms. Say you set a reminder to buy milk, on your Nexus device and then proceeded to the supermarket with your iPhone instead, the reminder will show up on the iOS handset. And the overall interface will also be tidied up in the upcoming refresh.

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