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Google search puts Bollywood into focus

Google Search

Google India has today announced a set of search features that are tailored towards hardcore movie goers in the country. According to the company, one out of every ten searches in India are about Bollywood, and this was enough incentive for their engineers to come up with the new features.

These have been aimed by Google at providing Indian cinema enthusiasts an easier way of discovering and exploring everything related to their favorite movies. The search experience takes not only films under its belt, but also stars, music, dialogues, actors and more.

So if you wish to get some information about the Kapoor family lineage, all you need to do is type ‘Kapoor family’ in the Google search bar of your smartphone and the app will deliver a complete carousel with photos about the star-studded family. Same works for the Bachchans, Akhtars, Bhatts, Deols and others.

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The Google search algorithm can handle more difficult queries as well. For instance, questions like ‘What movies are Shahrukh and Kajol together in?’ will also be answered by it. And then you can even ask other questions like ‘What is the cast of Sholay?’ or ‘Who starred in Anand?’

And of course, you can also ask the service to provide you with timings and locations of any current film that’s playing nearby. All this is made possible by the Knowledge Graph attribute created by Google which automatically indexes and grabs accurate data from all over the Internet.

You can actually try out all kinds of different Bollywood questions, and the Google search platform will probably be able to handle all of them.