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Google Search for iOS gets smarter with update, Now tool gets cricket cards and more

Google Search for iOS has Siri to compete with, and this contest has now become a strong one thanks to the latest update to the app. This neat utility from Mountain View will enable iDevice owners to ask questions to it and deliver answers to them as well as to follow-up queries. The Google Now service has also been blessed with a few additions moreover.

The voice search aspect which is already available on the Android version of the app enables you to tap the microphone icon or say ‘Ok Google’ to start a search. Questions like ‘What’s the weather like?’ will be answered by appropriate answers and so will further queries like ‘How about this weekend?’

Google Search

This new upgrade to the Search app for iOS brings with it support for Google Now cricket cards, so that fans of the gentleman’s game can stay updated with the scores of their favorite teams. Furthermore, the service also gets the ability to suggest interesting news articles that might interest you.

Owners of iOS 7-equipped iPhones, iPads and iPods can now download this Google Search update on their devices for free through the App Store.