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Google Search gets more features to support the ICC World T20

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Google realizes that few things are as important to Indians as cricket, and it has hence enhanced its Search functionality furthermore to provide fans of the sport with detailed information about their favourite players and plenty more.

These new traits have been introduced on an experimental basis, and will only be active for the duration of the ongoing ICC World T20. The first one among them involves small cards that will appear when you search for a particular player from the Indian cricket team.

Let’s say you’ve typed MS Dhoni in the Google Search bar; you’ll be shown small panels bearing posts, match photos and videos coming directly from the skipper himself. This works for all the Indian players that are playing in this tournament, and some others as well.

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And that’s not all; Google Search has also been equipped with fresh commentary panels that show you feeds of what players, commentators and experts are saying. When you’ll be searching for cricket and ICC World Twenty 20 related queries like ‘T20’ or team names, you’ll be shown real-time commentary on matches.

However these will only be limited to the matches mentioned right above. As we said before, these newly introduced features happen to be experimental, and will be running only during the ICC World T20 2016. They are thriving in conjunction with the score updates and match schedule attributes that were introduced last week.

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Certainly, the experience of this T20 season for cricket fans is being made a lot richer than ever before by Google Search. It’s a pity though that the features will be live only for a limited period.