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Google Search For Mobile Revamped With Easier-to-Read Text and More

Google Search For Mobile

Google has announced it is redesigning the look of Search results on smartphones, to further simplify user experience.

The mobile redesign will make text easier to read by using larger, bolder text so that the human eye can scan and understand Search results faster.

Search results will also take up more of the width of your screen, thanks in part to reduced shadows.

Google said the redesign will use color “more intentionally” to help highlight important information without being distracting.

“We wanted to take a step back to simplify a bit so people could find what they’re looking for faster and more easily. I find it really refreshing,” said Google designer Aileen Cheng.

Google Search For Mobile “We want to let the search results shine, allowing people to focus on the information instead of the design elements around it,” Cheng said in a statement on Friday.

Google has created more breathing room with a new edge-to-edge results design and minimized the use of shadows, making it easier to immediately see what people are looking for.

The overall effect is that you have more visual space and breathing room for Search results and other content to take center-stage on mobile.

The update also includes more of Google’s own font, which already shows up in Android and Gmail, among other Google products.

“Bringing consistency to when and how we use fonts in Search was important, too, which also helps people parse information more efficiently,” Cheng explained.

The Google team has focused on content and images against a clean background, and using color more intentionally to guide the eye to important information without being overwhelming or distracting on mobile.