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Google search embraces cricket scores more whole-heartedly

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It’s not that the Google app hadn’t been offering scores of cricket matches from before, but they have always been observed to be delayed and devoid of crucial details. With the ICC World T20 2016 having kicked off, the search giant has chosen to change that by introducing a number of new features related to the gentleman’s game.

Those who have the Google app installed on their devices will from now be able to better keep in touch with cricket matches when they are away from their TV sets. Searching for ‘Cricket score’ or ‘T20 score’ will provide you with a feed of live cricket matches and those which have recently transpired.

What’s more interesting though, is that whichever match is currently being played will have its score updated automatically without you having to tap on anything or refresh manually. Going deeper will provide you with all the necessary information like individual scores, bowling figures and other statistics of the game.

Google has even incorporated a News section which shows articles related to the game and the teams in question. Moreover, this app will also respond to queries like ‘Ok Google, when is the next cricket match?’ or ‘When will India play Australia?’ with the exact date and time.

These are just some of the many new cricket-focused features that have made their way into the Google app. Cricket fans seem to now finally have a full commitment from Google towards the game they love the most. Let’s hope the search giant keeps introducing more additions to this in the future.

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Do try out the new features by entering the above mentioned terms in the Google app on your smartphones.