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Google Search becomes intelligent-er, allows you to correct its mistakes

Living in this age, one has to learn not to be too astonished by what apps like Google Search are capable of. It’s a given that the said smartphone utility from Mountain View intelligently delivers the information you desire without you even having to ask for it most of the time.

But there are some times when you feel the need to make specific queries and you’d much rather ask them to your phone directly through your voice than typing them in. While your questions are answered flawlessly when heard correctly, the app sometimes misinterprets some words, thus throwing unneeded results at your screen.

Google Search

If you accept the fact that small mistakes cannot be avoided since it’s already such a hugely wonderful service, Google wants to fix that for you as well. Lo and behold, the command ‘no I said.’ If you say something which is misinterpreted by the Search app, all you need to do is use the three words and suffix them with the word that needs to be corrected.

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Suppose you say something like, ‘Okay Google, navigate to Bandra’ and the app interprets that as ‘Okay Google, navigate to Sandra’ and starts weirdly searching for a location called Sandra, all you need to do is say, ‘Okay Google, no I said Bandra.’ That’s when it should get it right and if it doesn’t then you can try the same process again.

This update to Google Search is live now for both the Android and iOS versions of the popular application.