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Google Search app knows exactly where your hotel is, suggests nearest eateries

The ever so amazing world of Google Search keeps becoming more of that, to the extent that it’s hard to get surprised by things we would have been astonished to see only a few years ago. Take this new feature for instance; it magically finds out where the hotel you’re staying in is located, but we’re quite used to the app finding out things magically, aren’t we?

Coming back to the point, Google Search has been blessed with the ability to know where you’re stationed in case you require any details around that location. It snoops into your Gmail to pull information about the booking receipts of the hotel you’ll be staying in and that’s how it manages to grab the location of it.

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Once you are on your trip, a few handy voice commands will be at your disposal. These include ‘show me restaurants around my hotel’ for when you’re hungry and ‘give me directions to my hotel from here’ in case you’ve wandered a bit. Responding to the respective commands, it will suggest you the nearest eateries you can hog at or the way back to your hotel using Google Maps.

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Both the Android and iOS versions of Google Search should have this new feature so you need not worry if you’re the owner of an Apple device. However, you do need to make sure that your Gmail account possesses the email containing the bill receipt of the hotel you’ll be staying in.