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Google Search app and Chrome browser released for Windows 8

Google Search

The guys over at Mountain View have decided to treat users who have already upgraded to Windows 8 or are contemplating adopting the latest OS, to a new Google Search app and a Chrome browser. In order to help them ‘get their Google back,’ the search engine giant has designed an extremely easy website, revealed a post on the official Google blog.

The company has naturally added all of its essential features to the application meant for Microsoft’s newest OS and it continues to adopt a clean user interface that is instantly recognizable. The voice search function has been retained in the app and thus users can simply ask questions regarding their queries instead of typing it out. There’s Image Search and Image Previews along with Google Instant that is responsible for showing results as soon as a query is entered.

The Windows 8 version of Google will definitely not be devoid of the interesting doodles that are displayed on special occasions. These will show up on the homepage as well as on the start screen on the Google tile. Subscribers who are already missing the Mountain View products and are not too keen on using other browsers can choose to install the Chrome browser on their PCs, laptops and convertibles.

While there aren’t major changes in the latest version of the browser, it has been customized for compatibility with multi-touch displays. It now boasts of larger buttons and can be opened alongside other applications. Users can expect fast and secure internet browsing from the Chrome web browser.


The Search app and the Chrome browser can be installed from the official Google Windows 8 homepage.