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Google Search app adds World Cup info so you won’t need a third-party app for that

Brazil is set to witness one of the biggest sporting spectacles of all time, and the Google Search app certainly doesn’t want you to miss out on anything related to it. You can now access crucial information related to your favorite teams just by searching simple keywords on it. This also works with the ‘Okay Google’ command on Nexus and GPE phones.

Match schedules, group information and plenty more has been incorporated into the search results in such a way that you needn’t even switch on the TV or read the newspaper to get filled in on what’s happening in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Things will of course get better if you add the names of your favorite teams in Google Now.

Google Search World Cup

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When matches are on, just searching for the words a ‘World Cup’ will fetch vital details on live scores, team rosters and major plays. And that is not all; Google also understands that not all of its users are experts when it comes to the rules of the game. Things like offsides, corner kicks and more still escape the minds of some.

In such cases, users can run Google searches of their queries to receive tailored and concise explanations of these concepts. Google has done wonderfully well in incorporating all this World Cup information into its mobile search engine, and this somewhat eliminates the need for users to download third-party apps for the same.

Google Search Query

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The new Google Search feature is rolling out in a country-by-country manner, so keep some patience if you haven’t seen it as yet. It should definitely arrive before the first match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off on June 13.

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