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Google Search on Android provides buttons for music apps when you search an artist

Something fun always keeps making its way into the Google Search app from time to time and this development is no different. Querying for an artist on the application will now generate direct buttons for jumping into your music apps and listening to their tunes immediately.

The Android version of Google Search is the only recipient of this feature, and the sad news is that it’s only limited to the US. However, Mountain View has suggested that we could see such a thing in other nations soon, thanks to its ongoing talks with companies like Deezer.

Google Search

The buttons you will receive when you search for an artist or a band will depend upon the music apps you have installed on your devices. Prominent applications like Spotify, YouTube, TuneIn, Play Music, iHeartRadio and more are eligible for the new Google Search feature.

The growing list of additions which this search-focused application and its counterpart, Google Now have been receiving since their introduction is just something that deserves attention. Together they work towards delivering the experience of an intelligent personal digital assistant right on your phones.

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The new Google Search feature which allows music buttons to appear when an artist is searched for is live now in the US and doesn’t require any update to be downloaded.